• Uzbekistan – Jewel of the Silk Road

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    Titan’s brand new Worldwide brochure is out now,  setting a new standard of excellence and refining what is already our most comprehensive range of tour programmes!  Exclusively to the Titan Blog, we have asked Titan’s Long Haul Product Manager, Phil, to give us the lowdown on two of our brand new tours for 2016 featured in the brochure, starting today with our Uzbekistan – Jewel of the Silk Road itinerary:


    “Uzbekistan emerged from Russian rule back in 1991 and since then has made massive strides to embrace tourism and parade its abundance of opulent monument and building of impeccable architecture. Posited at the crossroads between Europe and Asia and at the heart of the Silk Route the majestic cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand evoke visions of a history draped in the wealth of a successful trade route. Still little visited Uzbekistan is a photographer’s dream, where intricately tiled building sparkle in the glorious sunshine and the distinct appearance of its people can easily be captured. To set our tour apart we have also included the Northern Capital of Uzbekistan ‘Nukus’ which is home to the Savitsky Art Museum which has the second largest collection of Soviet art. Whilst in Nukus we also visit the ancient pilgrim site of Mizdakhan Necropolis which is sacred to the Karakalpakstan people. Why not join historical greats like Genghis  Khan and Alexander the Great and discover the hidden treasure which is Uzbekistan for yourself”.  

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    Phil Ellis

    Phil has 11 years’ experience in the travel industry, seven of those as a product manager, but he is one of the newer members of Titan’s team. As Titan’s Long Haul Product Manager, Phil is responsible for covering our tours in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Indian subcontinent and China.

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