• Six of the Best: Holidays for Music Lovers

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    Jazz music in New Orleans

    From classical operas in an Italian amphitheatre to catchy samba rhythms in the bars of Brazil, we’ve picked out half a dozen holidays where the music you’ll hear is as much a feature as the sights you’ll see.


    Country, blues and rock ‘n’ roll in America’s Deep South

    Music holidays in Nashville, USA

    America’s Deep South is undoubtedly its musical heartland – and our 12-day ‘American Rhythms’ tour helps you uncover its jazz, blues, country and rock ‘n’ roll roots.

    You’ll have a free evening in Chicago to seek out a few blues bars, before we make our way south to St Louis and Nashville. We’ll experience the Grand Ole Opry, a fantastic live country music concert, and have a private performance and meet-and-greet with local songwriters. We’ll also visit Studio B (an iconic recording studio where Elvis once sang) and the Country Music Hall of Fame, and have a free evening for you to experience the famous honky-tonk music bars on Lower Broadway.

    In Memphis, we’ll visit Graceland and enjoy some time at leisure to perhaps seek out another live music bar (or two). And finally, in New Orleans, you’ll have a couple of nights to discover the French Quarter’s jazz bars, as well as enjoying a private lunch of Creole and Cajun specialities, accompanied by live music from a zydeco band.

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    Classical along the Danube

    Some of the world’s most famous classical melodies originated from the shores of the Danube. Bratislava, Passau, Linz and Vienna were on the itinerary of the Mozart family when young Wolfgang was introduced to the courts in 1762, and Johann Strauss II (composer of ‘The Blue Danube’) grew up in Vienna.

    For a real insight into the musical heritage of the region, turn to an expert – our ‘Classical Music Along the Danube’ river cruise is accompanied by Jeannette Biesbroeck, a classical music specialist. As we sail from Vienna to Passau and back to Budapest, she’ll share her passion for classical music and show us how the towns and cities we’ll be visiting influenced and inspired the greats.


    Opera in Verona


    Verona’s annual opera festival is one of the highlights of the musical calendar. It’s held each summer in the city’s open-air Roman amphitheatre – a fittingly grand venue for performances of the world’s finest operas.

    You can attend a performance during our five-day ‘Arts of Verona’ itinerary. After a pre-show dinner, we’ll take our seats in the 2nd sector stalls for a memorable performance of Georges Bizet’s ‘Carmen’. The arena’s acoustics are superb, and the formal dress code and spectacular setting create a really special atmosphere.


    Tango in Buenos Aires

    The music (and dance style) of choice in Argentina’s capital is, undoubtedly, tango. Once the sun sets, you’ll hear the sounds of tango drifting from bars, shows and milongas (dance venues) as dancers – both beginners and professionals – limber up for an evening on the dance floor.

    On our ‘Grand Tour of South America’, we’ll spend three nights in Buenos Aires, so you’ll have plenty of time to experience the city’s love for tango. Watch a show with a glass or two of malbec, or have a go yourself – it’s great fun, whether you know what you’re doing or not!


    Samba in Brazil

    Brazil moves to a soundtrack of samba – and once you hear its lively beat, you can’t help but tap your toes along with it. The Bahian city of Salvador is thought to be where samba first originated in Brazil. Our two-week tour of the country includes three nights here, so you’ll have the opportunity to head out to local bars or music clubs to take it in.

    We’ll also spend three nights in Rio de Janeiro, another city where you’ll hear samba rhythms floating from bars, cafés and clubs. Find a venue, order a caipirinha (cachaça, lime and sugar) – and enjoy. (Rio also features on our ‘Grand Tour of South America’, along with Buenos Aires, Machu Picchu, Santiago and more.)


    Jazz on the Mississippi

    American Queen Mississippi river cruise

    American Queen is one of the best-looking river cruise ships we’ve seen. It’s a traditional Southern steamboat with lacy filigree detail, a cherry-red paddle-wheel and interiors decked out with antiques and fresh flowers.

    Cruising the waters of the Mississippi, she takes passengers through America’s Deep South, combining Civil Rights and literary history with jazz influences. Regional music is brought to life each night with live shows in the opera house-style theatre, followed by jazz, bluegrass and country performances in the Engine Room Bar.

    Our seven-night cruise on American Queen ends with two nights in New Orleans, where you can listen to Dixieland jazz in its birthplace.


    Have you had an amazing music experience on your travels?


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    Although she loves a lie-in at home, Laura is often up and about before dawn on holiday. She’s watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon, Uluru and Angkor Wat, but her favourite was seeing the first light of the New Year sweeping across the yacht-dotted waters of Sydney Harbour.

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