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  1. Mrs. Barbara Robinson April 15, 2016

    It was so interesting to read John England’s article about being a tour guide with Titan. It must be so inspiring to be with a tour guide who puts so much more into a tour than just what he was given and has written on the information sheets that are supplied to him.
    We have not yet managed to book with Titan although we get the brochures, and read them with interest. We have not yet managed to find a tour that fitted in with our available dates, and also we are interested in doing some river cruises, and in particular the ones centred around France, perhaps Bordeaux, or Provence, or even Portugal – the Douro, and in particular Lisbon.
    We have done the Danube with another large river cruise company, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and found it excellent, adding on Prague at the end. They have their own boats (?ships?), and this is one of the main reasons we have not tried Titan, because they do not seem to have their own transport, but hire from someone else, and I wonder if the standard and comfort would be the same if they are not their own boats/ships? I would be interested to hear from you how this works, and if the standard and quality are as good.
    I was particularly interested in his final comment about disabled people/ or people with limited mobility. After many years of trying to see as much as possible, we have started to have problems with walking. My husband has always been very strong and mobile, very fit until nearly 3 years ago when he suddenly had some unexpected problems, which affect his walking, in as much as he can walk but is quite slow. Frustrating for him, as he has always been so fit. My problems have come on since 2010, and although I have had some problems in the past, my walking is now affected, but neither of us let these problems get us down, and we are going to keep going, and do as much as possible while we can, we do not want to give up yet. We hope to be able to book a few more things, particularly the river cruises at the moment as we enjoyed the last one so much. We have done a lot of cruises in the past, and seen quite a lot, we do not want to think it is time to give up, so I was interested to read John’s comments as to how he admires people’s resilience, and admires the fact that they try not to give ion. This was quite inspiring, because he must understand how people like us feel, that we do not wish to be an inconvenience to other people, and thank him for his understanding.
    This has been brought to my attention recently here in London. We go with a group, from our local professional theatre on visits to various places of interest, not only London, and for some of these we pick up a ‘Blue Badge Guide’, who then travels with us for the rest of the day. Our last journey with them was in London, and usually we know, more or less, what the plans are for the day, and whether there is much walking involved. On this one we knew that there was going to be a ‘coffee stop’,then a short walk around a couple of monument s, a drive to a ‘lunch stop’, then a short ride to the Museum of London for the history of police exhibition, where you were free to walk around at your leisure, not too much walking. We experienced difficulty at the point where we left our coffee stop, and instead of a brief walk around a couple of monuments, it turned out to be a good hours walk to get back to the coach, parked a long way away. This exhausted us, and and took longer than it should have done, and we felt awkward about it. If we had known about the final long walking part, being in London, we could easily have got a taxi back to our coach, had we been warned.
    We have been part of our theatre group for a good many years and want to continue. I have only just found out, from our leader, that the ‘London Blue Badge Guide’ commented to her that she was surprised that we came out on these coach trips, she felt that we should not, because it took a few extra minutes to reach places, and felt we were inconveniencing other people, which is not the case, even the people without disabilities were often back after we were. I was very hurt by these comments, but we feel we should be able to continue where we can.
    Am I right in thinking that your guides, and John England in particular , would be tolerant and helpful to people like ourselves, as it sounded as though he would encourage us to keep coming.
    The previous River Cruise we went on was very good, and were very helpful, without making us feel we were a nuisance. I would be interested to hear if you feel we should book your holidays. Would be grateful if you could advise us. You can see that this is close to our feelings about booking these holidays. Thank you. Barbara Robinson

    • Chelsea Roderick Chelsea Roderick April 19, 2016

      Hi Mrs Robinson, thanks for your comment and I’m glad you found this article interesting! It’s great to hear that you’re interested in doing some river cruises, we have a selection of river cruises that feature the different places you’ve mentioned, all which can be viewed online here. Alternatively, you can view our cruise brochure online or order one to be sent out to you by post by also visiting out site here. With regards to your concerns around the standard and comfort of the third party river cruise ships we use, we run quality reports on all our ships but of course quality does vary, so it’s worthwhile taking time to look at our cruise lines on site here to get more of a feel for each individual one. Each cruise and it’s excursions differ, and depending on yours and your husband’s level of mobility, some tours and ships might be more or less suitable than others, so we’d need to discuss your needs over the phone in order for one of our consultants to be able to advise you of the best suited tour. You’ll be able to contact one of our team here – 0800 988 5823. I hope this all helps, Mrs Robinson and do let me know if you need anything else.

  2. Helen Ball April 16, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your story John. A great read! We especially love the music bars in Nashville and Memphis having done our own road trip there last year. My husband was fortunate to play lead guitar and sing with the band in BB Kings bar one night…so now he can say he’s gigged on Beale St with the best of them!

  3. David & Helen McFedries July 24, 2017

    We had a brilliant trip doing the Southern States of America with John as our Tour Manager. He was so informative and knew exactly when to play the right music as we were going around the Southern States, you were really wonderful John. Can I also say our coach driver was also really lovely too, his name was D, Henry(or something like that) nothing was a bother to him. The two of them were a brilliant team and really made our holiday. We were on the Southern States of America tour on the 27th June and loved every minute of it. Please tell John we have never stopped talking about it since we came home. Oh and by the way John asked if anyone had a photograph with John and the driver, I have one but have lost his email address so if anyone has it I would be really happy to receive it. Thanks again John, it was absolutely brilliant.

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