• Friday Photo: Cape Cod

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    Our photo this Friday shows one of the famous sights to be seen on a summer visit to Cape Cod in New England. Since the first was erected in 1857, the iconic lighthouses of Cape Cod have kept seafarers safe around the coastline, shining a friendly beacon through the night sky.

    Cape Cod

    Despite the great natural beauty of Cape Cod, the coastline is particularly perilous for vessels and before the lighthouses there were more than 3,000 shipwrecks on the 50 miles of coast between the towns of Chatham and Provincetown. The most famous of these was the Whydah Gally, belonging to the notorious pirate Samuel Bellamy, which went down with more than 4 tonnes of treasure in 1717.

    Strong symbols of safety and security, the Cape Cod lighthouses are a favourite photo opportunity for visitors. The oldest and tallest lighthouse is the Highland Light (also known as Cape Cod Light), which shines from the Cape Cod National Seashore in North Truro.

    There are many other lighthouses dotted around the Cape Cod coastline, surrounded by stunning scenery. Looking up from the beaches, visitors enjoy seeing the watchful lighthouses, the familiar white guardians looking out to sea, which have become synonymous with the charm and character of Cape Cod.

    Other notable Cape Cod lighthouses to visit include Nobska Light and Wing’s Neck Light, located on the Upper Cape, Sandy Neck Light and Hyannis Harbour Light, located on the Mid Cape, and Long Point Light and Mayo Beach Light, located on the Lower Cape.

    When you visit Cape Cod on your summer holiday in New England, take the time to see these marvellous symbols of US maritime history.

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