• Welcome to the Kingdom of Lesotho

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    Sani Pass

    Lesotho – a place of adventure

    If you love South Africa, the chances are you will love Lesotho – a country landlocked and nestled between the Drakensberg and Maloti mountain ranges. This captivating country is of similar size to Belgium or Israel and has a population of 2 million inhabitants – locally known as the Basotho people.

    Lesotho is the world’s highest country earning it the title of “Kingdom in the Sky”. Nearly two thirds of the country consist of mountains in every shape and form – an awe-inspiring sight for any traveller.

    Whilst Lesotho is generally a very safe country, travelling on an escorted tour eliminates any stress of having to plan your own route, or master the art of local transportation. Local tour guides with extensive knowledge of the area leave you to relax, absorb and focus on the many wonders this rugged country has to offer.


    Landscapes to impress

    There are many discoveries to make in this beautiful mountain Kingdom. Off the beaten track you can zig-zag your way up to the clouds on the famous Sani Pass. Travelling in 4WD vehicles you are immediately transported on a thrilling adventure.  Narrow gravel roads with sheer drops along the mountains ensure tour driver’s travel at an average speed of about 10 km/hour. The advantage being you can enjoy the views that much more as well as observe the daily life of the Basotho people along the way.


    On the way to Lesotho, a very beautiful drive takes you inland to the vast World Heritage Site of the southern Drakensberg. JRR Tolkien was raised here, and the dramatic scenery provided inspiration for his Lord of the Rings books.

    Awaken your taste buds

    ‘Some of the most breath-taking scenery can be witnessed in the Kingdom of Lesotho and as an added bonus on our new tour The Garden Province of KwaZulu-Natal with Lesotho we stop at the world’s highest pub for a homely lunch.’   Phil Ellis, Africa Product Manager

    Lesotho is home to the highest altitude pub in Africa, the House of Makhotso, at 2,876m metres above sea level. It’s located right at the border of South Africa and at the end of the famous Sani Pass. Here you can sample the local beer named after the mountain range, Maluti. You will be lucky enough to enjoy lunch here before heading to the top to take in the spectacular views.  With a cold beer in hand if you like!

    Why wait to discover Lesotho?

    With 300 days of sunshine every year, it’s not hard to see why Lesotho attracts travellers all year round. Plus it’s a malaria free country so it’s another good reason to travel here safely with no vaccinations needed.

    The country has two official languages, Sesotho is the national language and spoken by most of the Basotho people, with English being the second official language. Don’t worry about getting lost in translation as the friendly Basotho people are known to approach you to start a conversation and will be only too glad to step in and help.


    If you feel inspired to visit this friendly and fascinating country, you can now combine Lesotho with a trip to South Africa on The Garden Province of KwaZulu-Natal with Lesotho tour.  Over 14 days you will take in the traditional Zulu culture and beautifully diverse nature of South Africa. From mountains to game reserves and battlefields to beaches, the itinerary is jam-packed to show you South Africa and Lesotho at their very best. The currency makes life easier too as the Rand is used in both South Africa and Lesotho so you can freely spend away during your time here. Maybe take advantage of some craft shopping at local markets to purchase a few keepsakes that will remind you of the exciting adventures you are likely to encounter.

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    They say ‘The World is your Oyster’, and it is so true. I’ve been lucky enough to travel across Europe, North America, South America, South East Asia and Australia and have never visited the same place twice. Learning about local cultures and exploring new places is what makes travelling so exciting.

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