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Competition overview

The benefits of travel on our wellbeing are well known – it’s good for our bodies, minds and souls. So to raise awareness, Titan would like you to enter its Journey to Wellbeing competition. Simply share a great travel moment by either writing (no more than one 500 words), through photography (jpeg only), or via video (no longer than 30 seconds) demonstrating how a travel experience brought extra zing into your life. Did you find renewed purpose and inspiration from your journey?

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Learn more about the benefits of travel to our health and wellbeing by visiting our blog.

Latest competition entries

float, float on
by steve cope

The Serenity Bottle

By Hilary England

Words did not come and my companion didn't need them anyway. We stood on the frozen snow and gazed up at the blinking umbrella sky above, and were both moved to tears as silence filled the air. We contemplated the vast expanding universe, this incredible planet within it, the ancient mountains that surrounded us and our own significance, or lack thereof.
It was the third night of our four day back country ski tour in the French Alps, something we'd been talking about for several years and which we finally achieved in 2016 with the help of our very capable guide. Back country ski touring is physical; attaching special skins to the underside of the skis allows you to walk up hill on them; up valleys and over cols that are not serviced by ski lifts. With luck, after a four hour push up, you are rewarded with a field of virgin powder down - for about 3 minutes. 'What is the point?' cry the downhill speed freaks. The point is that you get away from the thrum of the chairlift, the clatter of the queues, the shrieks of the children, the film this, post that, selfie-time, stress of the resort and get back to the country, to the snow covered wilderness, where there is no 4G and peace prevails.
Nico, the capable guide, has lived in this valley all his life and respects these mountains, their beauty and danger. He is a man of few words, preferring to let the scenery speak for itself. He smokes roll ups, carefully storing the butts in a little tin to avoid littering the mountains. For him, taking two middle aged women on a back country tour, sleeping in mountain huts, is slightly removed from the normal run of things. He over estimates our fitness, but waits patiently for us to catch up. At each rest there is another spectacular view for which superlatives have been exhausted, so we all say nothing.
After three days we are unanimous in our joy at just being in the environment. We are happy in each other's silence, we want to bottle the serenity and gulp huge draughts from it when we're back in the real world.
Some mountain huts are hosted, in others you make do. For this final night we were making do. On the stove Nico produced French onion soup, to his mother's recipe, and we produced a couple of bottles of wine from the depths of our packs. Warming by the fire and in the light of the candles, the three of us ate the soup, drank the wine and shared our emotional thoughts on the experience of the trip, our love of the mountains, and the pleasure in absolute silence.
Back home, I gulp from the serenity bottle regularly; I make time to enjoy my local environment which holds its own beauty and each day I seek out, and take pleasure in, some silence.

Still Dreaming

By Margaret Goatley

We woke to a hot sunny morning in the Rhone valley in Switzerland.Having had rain the previous day, we knew that we must make the most of this promising day.

We had already explored by car and on foot several of the delightful side valleys near to our base so perhaps a little further afield today.

On consulting the map we found an interesting looking road winding up into the mountains and leading to a small town called Leukenbad, presumably a spa.
Reference to the guide book confirmed this.

The road was lovely with great views and having safely survived encounters with construction lorries and the Post Bus we arrived.

As the weather was still set fair, we opted for the outdoor lido.The water was beautifully warm and boyant and after swimming around for a while I turned and floated with my eyes closed against the glare.

When after a few minutes I opened them ,I was hit by the beauty - Brilliant blue sky with little high clouds, mountains all round the town, their tops covered in fresh snow,sparkling brilliant white; below that fresh green alpine meadows surrounding the old houses of the town - magnificent.All this and at the same time the warm water, hot sun and a gentle breeze from the mountains

"When I am an old lady with aching joints" I said to my husband "we must come and stay up here. It would be perfect - balm for the body and the soul."

Now I am old with arthritic knees. We have never managed to go back but it lifts my spirits remembering the perfect day spent in those idyllic surroundings.

(This entry supersedes my previous entry which was a draft submitted in error)

float, float on

By steve cope

Venice, city of a million dreams, was my home for a wonderful week. The fantastic streets wove their magic on my wife and myself, finding the occasional shaded oasis of tranquility to enjoy a refreshing spritzer, all made for a relaxing time.
Meals in the square, perfect, a concert played on antique cellos, divine, but what really made the city for me was so simple, there were no cars.
Other highlights included watching those huge behemoths of ocean liners thread up and down the main waterway whilst listening to the gentle slap of water.
Even our return to reality was fun in a high speed water taxi.
Even my dog had a Zen moment when we returned

The ups and downs of life!

By Hayley Dunphy

For my husbands 59th birthday, I booked us a tour to the west coast of America. It was to be extra special because I wanted to say thank you to the man who has supported me, and loved me when I was in so much pain. I had booked the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, I thought he was going to back out as he is afraid of heights but I managed to get him on board. Once we had landed he wished the flight was longer. I was so proud of my man that day, I don't think I will ever get him in a Hot Air Balloon although I wouldn't mind trying to get him on the glass platform at the Grand Canyon. Bring on the next adventure.

Italy gave me my legs back

By Derek Clements

Shortly after I had received my second replacement hip I decided to take a holiday to Italy on which I misguidedly imagined that I would be recuperating from my latest operation by watching the countryside pass slowly by the windows of my coach. How mistaken I was! Although we travelled some quite long distances in the coach somehow we always seemed to end up in a town or city where the only way to explore it was to walk either up or down its steep narrow streets. Although painful at first the Tour operators earned my eternal gratitude for more or less forcing me to restore my patched up limbs to their former flexibility if not quite to their former endurance level. A complete restoration of both mind and body!

The wonderful Italian lifestyle

By Laura Goldsmith

How wonderful it was to be in Tuscany and Florence,
The wonderful people and excellent food,not to mention the giant raviolli and super chianti
I wish I could end my days living in Italy


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