• #IAmNow: Q&A With Psychologist, Irene Levine

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    Titan Travel have created a video to explore the impact of our life moments on the people we become, in celebration of our 40th anniversary. We asked  influential individuals; filmmakers, artists, photographers, psychologists, to discuss their relationship with the video and how it resonated with them. Irene, a psychologist and award-winning travel writer explores this notion and give us her insight.

    About Irene S. Levine, PhD

    Trained as a psychologist, Irene S. Levine, PhD is an award-winning travel writer and blogger. She has written for the travel sections of major publications including the Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Dallas Morning News. She is the co-publisher of GettingOnTravel, the only multi-authored online magazine for the over-50 luxury traveler, and produces the popular blog, MoreTimeToTravel, also geared to mature travelers. Irene is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association.

    In your personal/professional experience, how do the themes of our I Am Now video resonate with you?

    I love the video. The photography is beautiful and captures many iconic sites around the world.

    It makes the point that time is elusive, unless you find some way to mark and memorialise meaningful moments. It also suggests that travel can inspire us to change and grow and be our personal best.

    What does time mean to you?

    The experience of time is a subjective one. For example, when someone is immersed in doing something they enjoy time seems to pass quickly. Conversely, time passes very slowly if you’re feeling bored or when you’re involved in a task you would rather not be doing.

    Many people also say that it feels as if time goes faster as we age, whether it’s the length of the day or the course of a year. Some scientists refer to it as the slowing of our biological clocks. Perhaps, we’re more acutely aware of time as the years pass because there is a growing awareness that time is finite and there is pressure to use it wisely in ways that are life enhancing.

    The experience of time is often marked and measured by memories that may involve people and places as opposed to things, whether it’s the birth of a grandchild or first Mediterranean cruise.

    What does travel mean to you?

    Travel enables us to fully immerse ourselves in new and different environments, discover new places, meet new people, learn about different foods, commune with nature, and experience different languages, cultures and ways of life. Hence, at its best, it is filled with the joy of discovery, spontaneity, learning and mastery.

    Travel can be restorative and inspirational by providing respite from the routine and tedium of our everyday lives, an escape from everyday stress and responsibility, and a chance to relax.

    Travel also provides opportunities to create and cement enduring memories with loved ones, whether it’s celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, a girlfriend getaway with old friends, or enjoying a multigenerational trip.

    How do you live in the moment?

    Following my interests and passions, and being with people whose company I enjoy allows me to live in the moment.

    It makes me feel secure, confident and happy, and allays the stress or mundane worries I might be preoccupied with at home.

    I’m very fortunate because I’ve found this “elixir” both through actual travel and in writing about travel. I’m able to get lost in the flow of the experience and experience pure joy!

    To view the #IAmNow video visit:


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    Sophie is passionate about travel and photography. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and New Zealand.

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