• #IAmNow: Q&A With Photographer Martin Smith

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    Our existence is the sum of our experiences; time makes us who we are. As Titan Travel enter their 40th year, we reflect on how time moulds us. To celebrate, we created a video to explore the impact of our life moments on the people we become. We asked  influential individuals; filmmakers, artists, photographers, psychologists, to discuss their relationship with the video and how it resonated with them. Photographer Martin Smith gives us his thoughts.

    For a decade Martin Smith has devoted himself to the art of photography and developing a business which today supplies his artwork to an extensive range of clients. Martins publishes his photography of London and the World through his company, Mr Smith World Photography. To see more of his work please visit www.MrSmithWorldPhotography.com.

    In your personal/professional experience, how do the themes of our #IAmNow video resonate with you?

    “I am Now” could be a diary of my last decade. Many months spent travelling the world capturing moments in time from behind the lens. Journeys through five continents meeting new people and making new friends.

    The locations featured in the video more than resonate with me. They rekindle memories of unforgettable times, in so many recognisable places; from the deserts, canyons, waterfalls, and skies of the natural world, through to the temples of the mystic east and cities of Rio, Tokyo, Sydney and Las Vegas.

    What does time mean to you?

    My work as a professional photographer is all about capturing moments in time. When time passes those moments have disappeared and will never return.

    Every one of my images records a precious memory to be treasured. If I can bring joy to others by sharing these memories I am truly satisfied.

    What does travel mean to you?

    Travel is more than a pastime, it is a reason to live. It expands your mind by providing a window into different cultures and the lives of the people who exist within them.

    My journeys in South East Asia and across America epitomize this and have provided contrasting but equally memorable experiences.

    From the serenity and peacefulness of the temples in Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia; to road trips through America where each state offers something different.

    How do you live in the moment?

    I’ve heard it said that seeing the world from behind a lens prevents us from living the moment. I wholeheartedly disagree.

    I spend hours at a time watching locations change as day becomes night or night becomes day. Immersed in the scene I sit in my own little world watching and listening to what happens around me.

    Travel has enriched my life. Photographing my experiences along the way has given me a permanent record of magical moments and memorable experiences. Sharing them with others is an added bonus.

    About Martin

    Martin Smith, was born in London in 1956. As a graduate mathematician he combined his passion for photography with a successful career in the financial services industry for many years. A decade ago he devoted himself full time to the art of photography and developing a business which today supplies his artwork to an extensive range of clients.

    Martin was originally inspired by some of the world’s great landscape photographers, but over time he has developed a style of documentary photography that is all his own. He has built up a diverse body of work as a result of his extensive travels across five continents. In the course of these journeys he has photographed some of the world’s most famous locations but he always searches out the little-known places, their unique stories, their history, people and landscapes.

    Today the reach of Martin’s portfolio is global and perhaps it is this, together with his passionate attention to detail and quality that make his work what it is. Examples can be found in hundreds of homes and businesses.

    To view the #IAmNow video visit:


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    Sophie is passionate about travel and photography. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and New Zealand.

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