• #IAmNow: Q&A with Film Maker, Trai Anfield

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    As Titan Travel enter our 40th Anniversary year, we explore the notion of time and the impact this has on the people we become. In celebration, we created a video inspired by the idea that time and moments impact the people we become. We asked influential individuals; filmmakers, artists, photographers, psychologists, to discuss their relationship with the video and how it resonated with them.

    Up first we have Trai Anfield.

    About Trai

    After 13 years as a BBC Meteorologist, Natural History Presenter and Film Maker, Trai set up her ethical production company Enlightened Media and Trai Anfield Photography Safaris in 2012.  She now leads photographers and film makers on creative safaris throughout the world.  Trai’s work is widely exhibited and published, and she is patron of a number of conservation and health charities, donating time, resources and a percentage of profits to supporting them.  When she is in the UK she works mostly with charities who wish to convey key messages and fundraise through short films, and also trains Channel 4’s up and coming young film makers through the 4Talent initiative.


    In your personal/professional experience, how do the themes of IAmNow video resonate with you?

    It is often easier to find reasons not to go to places and do things. So, the #IAmNow video really resonates with me, as I believe in the opposite of this and doing things in the moment; because you never know when, or if, you’ll get the chance again.

    I had a dream job presenting for BBC TV & radio but, in my heart, I knew I’d be happier behind the camera.  People thought I was nuts giving up a glamorous career to spend time trekking up volcanoes to film gorillas, and rolling around in dust and dirt to film cheetahs or elephants.

    Yet, so many people come on my tours and say, “I wish I’d done this years ago – my life could have been so different” and I didn’t want to be the one saying that.

    My motto in life is “Yes! Let’s Do It! What Are We Waiting For?!?”

    What does time mean to you?

    I am always most touched when people want to spend time with me. So, for me, quality time is much more precious than any material gift; my ultimate luxury gift is time with the people I love.

    On a professional level though, time is the single most important factor in film making and photography. To capture just a few moments of film, or a split-second shot, it is sometimes necessary to invest days, weeks or even years. It is simply impossible to make a film or take a photograph without making the time to be there.

    People can get hung up on having the most expensive filming and photography gear, but honestly the most important thing is just spending time out in the field or on the road, that’s when you get the most insightful shots.

    I actually wrote this in Kenya, waiting for a fish eagle to dive for a catfish in the Mara River. He’s been on the same branch for about an hour and a half, but I’ve been trying to get a shot like this for several years!

    What does travel mean to you?

    Travel for me is inspiration. It is discovery, fueled by curiosity and unexpected answers, sometimes to questions I didn’t even know I wanted to ask!

    Travel is also play , joy, and adventure. Travel is romance, travel is bonding, and travel is sharing with others all that I have discovered and wondered at.

    Of course, travel is also sometimes a challenge, but it’s absolutely always worth the journey.

    How do you live in the moment?

    I think I’m lucky because, through working on live tv for 13 years, I developed a handy ability to immerse myself in a situation and block out anything that distracts from it.  After all, why worry about something else when I can’t do anything about it right now? The moment will come when I can, and that’s when I’ll deal head on with whatever problem there is.

    The same ability also stands me in good stead in personal time: when I’m with friends or family I try to ensure nothing detracts from those moments with them too.

    To view the video visit: blog.titantravel.co.uk/i-am-now – share with your friends and don’t forget to share your experiences and how time and experiences have shaped you using #IAmNow

    View more of Trai’s work at http://www.enlightenedmedia.net


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    Sophie is passionate about travel and photography. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and New Zealand.

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