• #IAmNow: Q&A with Country Wives, Annabel Simons

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    Our existence is the sum of our experiences; time makes us who we are. As Titan Travel enter their 40th year, we reflect on how time moulds us. To celebrate, we created a video to explore the impact of our life moments on the people we become. We asked  influential individuals; filmmakers, artists, photographers, psychologists, to discuss their relationship with the video and how it resonated with them. Annabel from Country Wives Lifestyle magazine gave us her take.

    About Annabel

    Annabel: Mother of four semi grown up children, one spaniel, one doodle and lives with tolerant OH on an island in the Thames at Henley. I blog to make myself laugh at life’s little hiccoughs. My motto is “try and turn a lemon into a melon!”

    In your personal/professional experience, how do the themes of IAmNow video resonate with you?

    The video is beautiful and awe-inspiring, it made me think of how much of the world I have not seen or experienced yet. The video also shows how much there is for us to learn from other cultures, their way of living and their cooking skills; all of which we can bring home with us.

    Travelling is more than just a collection of photos, which trigger memories; it is something that leads to a sense of wellbeing. Whilst watching the video, I wanted to pause it and learn where some of the places were and then to go onto book a trip.

    What does time mean to you?

    I never seem to have enough time, so holidays are when time slows down and you can appreciate all that is around you. It also teaches me to enjoy my home surroundings more.

    Sometimes we can take these for granted e.g. walking the dogs in the same place when there are so many other beautiful walks to discover.

    The same with holidays; as you get older you often go back to the same places as it is easier and you feel more comfortable but time is always running out, so now is the time to book to go and see somewhere you have never been before.

    What does travel mean to you?

    Travel used to mean getting some sunshine, a tan, and having fun with friends; but now it means enjoying new places and experiences.

    Instead of going to one place for two weeks I want to really travel and take trips. This sort of travel can be just as relaxing as it makes you switch off and really immerse oneself in different traditions, cultures and surroundings. Allowing you to learn about people, how they live, and what makes them who they are.

    It will also make you find out who you are. We come from a very materialistic culture so it is inspiring to see people who have very little but are still having a very fulfilling and enjoyable life.

    As I get older I like my trips to be organized. I like an itinerary with some free time to explore on my own. Many of my girlfriends are single but still want to travel and so a group trip, where they can make new friends, suits them well.

    I am lucky to have a partner that enjoys travelling as much as I do. But we need to make the most of our time now.

    How do you live in the moment?

    As you get older time becomes precious and you do start to think ‘how long have I got?’ So, living in the moment for me is appreciating what is around me and not always wishing for more. Whether we live in the country or the city there are still new things to see locally.

    We will never see everything we want to but we can have a go! Make a bucket list with your partner or a ‘travel buddy’ and go for it. Every day can be a travel day whether on a trip abroad or staying at home and travelling locally.


    The CountryWives are three friends – Annabel, Grace and Ellie. Having precariously lived out our youth in London and somehow survived, we moved with our families to different corners of the English countryside.

    Our blog started in February 2010 as a way of staying in touch as it was beyond impossible to get together – too many children, too many dogs. CountryWives has, seven years later, morphed into a lighthearted yet informative online weekly magazine for the discerning older woman.

    Ready to see for yourself? Check out the video at:


    Don’t forget to share with your friends and tell us about your life experiences. We love to hear your stories!

    Read more from Annabel at http://www.countrywives.co.uk


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    Sophie is passionate about travel and photography. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and New Zealand.

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