• #IAmNow: Q&A With Andy Squirrell, Titan Travel Managing Director

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    Titan Travel has created a video to explore the impact of our life moments on the people we become, in celebration of our 40th anniversary. We asked  influential individuals; filmmakers, artists, photographers, psychologists, to discuss their relationship with the video and how it resonated with them. We asked the Titan Managing Director, Andy what he thought of the video.

    About Andy

    Graduating in Travel & Tourism at City College Norwich, Andy has worked in the travel industry for the entirety of his professional life.

    In 2003, Andy joined Titan Travel as a Product Manager; where he has worked his way through the company and, in October 2015, was announced as the Managing Director; after 12 years of dedicated service.

    In your personal / professional experience, how does the themes of our #IAmNow video resonate with you?

    Whilst watching the video I could identify clear moments and decisions amongst the ‘day to day’ that have resulted in me being where I am, and who I am, today.

    Some of these were conscious and deliberate, others were surprising and unexpected; some I would never change, but others I wish I could.

    I think if you’d asked the younger me where I’d be now, the answer would be quite different to how it has turned out, and looking back I can recognise the events that have brought me here. I think this comes through in the #IAmNow video, it certainly makes you think!

    What does time mean to you?

    I think time becomes more precious as you get older, and certainly I am more aware of time passing and seemingly more quickly.

    Having children brings a new awareness of time for me, I’m more aware of it passing by quickly and how important it is to notice and remember things.

    Time to me now means doing the things and being with those that are most important; time with my children, my family, my friends and also time to myself.

    What does travel mean to you?

    Aged 18, and with poor exam results behind me, I was faced with very limited options for Further Education. I chose Travel simply because it sounded exciting and I loved holidays, but that decision has actually defined my whole working life, from my first job selling ski holidays to now running the UK’s best escorted tour operator.

    Whether it’s work or pleasure, to me, travel means excitement, energy and discovery. To put myself in a different environment, visit a new place, and to see things for the first time for me just makes life more interesting and broadens my view.

    Above all though, travel has created many very special moments and memories that are unforgettable and priceless to me.

    How do you live in the moment?

    Mostly through my daughters (aged 6 and 8) who bring a remarkable unpredictability to life!

    Work brings a sense of routine and order to life but time with my children allows me to completely disconnect from that, just enjoy their company, and join in with their world of imagination and curiosity. Travel also brings a natural desire to live in the moment; that feeling of being outside the boundaries of my usual routine gives me the freedom to try different things, and that’s something I will share with my children for sure.

    To view the #IAmNow video visit:


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