• Friday Photo: Mount Fuji

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    This week’s Friday photo comes from Japan and features surely one of the most iconic sights of this fascinating country. Mount Fuji stands sentry-like, watching over the beautiful 5 Lakes District far below, its snow-capped peak adding a touch of visual elegance to its imposing presence.


    Towering high above Honshu Island, Mount Fuji enjoys a prime position in one of the most stunning areas of natural beauty in Asia. The mountain itself is an active stratovolcano, the summit of which marks the highest point in Japan. Due to volcanic activity many years ago, lava spilled into the rivers at the foot of the mountain, cutting off the flow and forming 5 lakes which arc majestically around the northern side of Mount Fuji.

    This area, known today as The 5 Lakes District, has become a popular tourist attraction. Consisting of Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Sai, Lake Motosu and Lake Shoji, postcard photo opportunities of Mount Fuji are endless here. In addition to the beautiful views, the tranquil lake surroundings are also popular with walking enthusiasts and those who like to indulge in a spot of fishing.

    Our featured photo this week really does capture the beauty of this natural wonder. Being so close to the modern metropolitan city of Tokyo it also highlights the variety of experience available when visiting Japan. Whether it is temples, food, culture or dramatic scenery, Japan has something for everyone. You can see our Japanese Tour, Essence of Japan, on our website.

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