• 2014: The Year of the River Cruise

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    In recent years the river cruise has become an extremely popular type of holiday and this popularity is certain to continue into and throughout 2014. But what reasons are compelling holidaymakers to set sail on a river cruise rather than climb aboard a traditional alternative like an ocean cruise?

    River Cruises: Tranquil Intimacy

    River cruises distinguish themselves as the perfect mode of holiday travel to experience the wonders and savour the character of different countries. The unique way they enable travelers to get up close and personal with inland sights and attractions while enjoying their holiday at a leisurely pace is a big draw for many.

    While ocean cruises introduce holidaymakers to their destination from a distance, river cruises allow them to develop a more intimate relationship with countries by visiting their towns, villages, shifting landscapes and iconic landmarks.

    We have a fantastic range of river cruises available that let you sail deep into the heart of your chosen destination. Whether you want to cruise on the Nile, the Mekong, or the more traditional European rivers, like the Rhine or the Danube, we will help you to see the world in whole new way.

    MS CezanneA River Cruise on the Seine

    Cruise the Blue Danube

    Running through Central Europe, the majestic Danube is the continent’s second longest river. Passing through ten countries on its way from the Swiss mountains to its delta on the Black Sea, the Danube can take you to unforgettable cities like Vienna and Budapest.

    MS BelvedereThe Danube

    The magnificent views from the river, the luxury cuisine and facilities available on the ship are just part of the experience. Included are shore excursions with expert guides into the historic cities of Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Melk, where holidaymakers can visit the beautiful 900-year-old Melk Abbey, one of the world’s finest examples of baroque architecture.

    Scenic highlights include the gorgeous panoramic views of the Danube Bend and the wondrous Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned around the globe for its breathtaking natural beauty. A river cruise on the Danube is a relaxing sojourn through Central Europe featuring some of the finest sights on the continent.

    Relish the Rhine

    Perfect for a romantic river cruise, you can slowly navigate the Rhine on the luxury River Countess sailing from Germany along the borders of France and Switzerland. Feeling and rested and refreshed from the exquisite comfort and fine dining aboard the ship, you will be ready for the entertaining day activities with your expert guides.

    StrasbourgThe Rhine: Strasbourg

    During your picturesque voyage you can enjoy shore excursions to the magical medieval city of Heidelberg, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bamberg and its famous imperial Cathedral, a swooping gondola ride to the Niederwald monument in Rudesheim and a tranquil cruise down the enchanting Strasbourg canal. Swept up in the rich history and culture that surrounds the Rhine, your river cruise will be an unforgettable adventure.

    Here at Titan we also have an exclusive partnership with Uniworld, the award-wining river cruise provider. Working with them allows us to offer a large range of fantastic river cruises, take a look at our Uniworld river cruise video to find out more.

    River cruises are looking firmly like they will be one of the big travel trends in 2014, and it is really not hard to see why. Whether you want to see St Petersburg, Bratislava, Porto or Shanghai, there will be a river and river cruise waiting for you.

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