Italy’s cultural offering bolstered in 2013

Famed for its stunning architecture, ancient Roman archaeological sites and breathtaking works of art, you could be forgiven for thinking that Italy’s cultural offering could not be improved.

However, the Italian State Tourist Board is attempting to do just that and has announced a raft of art and history events taking place this year, which are sure to excite culture vultures across the globe.

Many of these are taking place in the key locations featured on Titan Travel’s ‘Treasures of Italy’ ten-day tour, so those enjoying this marvellous trip in 2013 will have an opportunity to get involved in the new programme of arts during their leisure time.

The tour begins in Venice, where a new art venue, L’Officina delle Zattere, has just been opened. Based in a 1950s building that has been carefully restored, the art venue covers an area of 600 sq m, has eight exhibition rooms and a 100 sq m open air space for hosting sculpture exhibitions.

Of course, the capital Rome, which features on the final leg of the tour, is the centre for many of the events taking place. These include the opening of no less than three important archaeological sites that were previously closed to the public, including the re-opening after two decades of the Sepolcro degli Scipioni (Scipio’s tomb), which was built in the 3rd century BC and contains the final resting places of several members of the Scipio’s Consular family.

Also in Rome, at the Scuderie del Quirinale, a major Titian exhibition is being held between the beginning of February and the end of June. The Venetian master is one of the greatest to have ever picked up a paintbrush, so it’s likely to be an awe-inspiring event. The painting ‘Danae and the Shower of Gold’ is one of the highlights.

So it seems there has never been a better time to visit Italy with Titan Travel if you love fine art and ancient history – not to mention delicious food, mouth-watering coffee and spectacular landscapes!


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